About Me

Brian Patterson is an accomplished consultant to Evizia, a seasoned biochemist, a lover of the marine world, and a devoted family man. Born in Webster, Texas, and currently residing in Parrish, Florida, Brian has made significant contributions to his field while maintaining his commitment to his hobbies and family. His dedication and leadership qualities shine through in every aspect of his life, crafting him into the esteemed and revered person he is known as today.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in Clear Lake City, a suburb of Houston, his upbringing was deeply influenced by the worlds of science and art. His parents, one with a background in aeronautical engineering and the other in jewelry design, instilled in him a keen appreciation for meticulous effort and creativity. He was actively involved in various high school sports, including tennis, baseball, soccer, and swimming, which fostered his leadership skills and sense of teamwork. After completing his education at Clear Lake High School in 1991, he pursued a BA in Biochemistry at the University of Texas in Austin, followed by a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Polymers from Florida State University in 2000.

Professional Milestones

Dr Brian Patterson began his professional journey with Mosaic Technologies in Waltham, Massachusetts, developing and patenting a novel 3-D biopolymer substrate for microarray fabrication as a Senior Scientist. The subsequent early years of his career they led him through various company acquisitions, including Matrix Technologies, Apogent Technologies, and Fisher Scientific, where he continued to hone his skills as a senior scientist and group leader. In 2005, he transitioned to a commercial-oriented role, joining Agilent Technologies as a Genomics Field Applications Scientist, Product Specialist, and District Manager. As an individual contributor and manager, he is a 2-time recipient of the prestigious President’s Club award, 2009 and 2014, respectively. From 2015 to 2022, he led three commercial channels as an Associate Vice President at Agilent Technologies within the Diagnostics and Genomics Group (DGG): Americas Commercial Operations, WW Strategic’ Corporate’ Accounts, and WW OEM. The Corporate Accounts channel was founded under his leadership and remains one of Agilent’s most successful strategic commercial programs. He currently serves as a full-time consultant to Evizia. He was previously the AVP Sales at Into DNA, a start-up company focusing on cancer research and drug development. 

Family Life

Amid his bustling career, he found stability and joy in his family life. Marrying his significant other in the early 2000s, they later welcomed three children into their family. His dedication to balancing his professional responsibilities with his role as a parent and partner is noteworthy, demonstrating that hard work and commitment extend beyond the workplace.

An Aquatic Enthusiast

Brian’s love for aquatic life transcends the average. His lifelong fascination with the ocean has led him to pursue hobbies like fishing, boating, SCUBA diving, and underwater photography. His favorite pastime is maintaining a live reef tank, the science of which deeply intrigues him. His hobbies are an outlet for his passion for discovery and a testament to his hardworking nature and unyielding dedication.

Charitable Pursuits

Brian’s commitment to serving the community is apparent in his regular donations to organizations such as Mother’s Helping Mothers, Goodwill, and Hope Family Services. His efforts depict a leader who is not merely concerned with advancing oneself but also cares for those who need aid, actively working to contribute to a better world.

Looking Forward

As they near their 20th wedding anniversary in mid-June 2024, his unwavering commitment to family, career, and personal pursuits continues to be a source of inspiration. His adventures, ranging from deep-sea exploration to groundbreaking work in science, alongside his dedication to family life, showcase the qualities that define him as an extraordinary individual.

photos of Brian Patterson Agilent Technologies